Steps To Dating A Pornstar

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I found this ridiculous article on Its an article about dating a pornstars and the steps necessary to procure that goal. I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would want to date a pornstar. Now dont get me wrong, I love pornstars and would probably fuck 99.5% of them but being in some sort of relationship with them is absurd. Imagine dating a girl who gets her pussy fucked everday by some different dude everday. I have a hard enough time when a guy makes a passing glance at my girlfriend and for her to fuck random dudes everday is unacceptable and honestly I couldnt trust her not to bring home a disease. Even with proper testing and the measures in place to prevent the introduction of a disease into a community full of sex crazed fiends, nature always finds a way to eliminate excess. Anyways if I still havent convinced you, read this article but it still wont get you near a pornstar because its missing one crucial and imperative point. That point being ….whores love that money and if you dont have it…dont even try….unless you’re a drug dealer and can supply copious amounts of mind altering drugs.

So You Wanna Date A PornStar?

Dating a Pornstar can be fun and orgasmic! And in order to keep the good times coming you need to remember a few steps so she’ll never step too far away from you!

1. Be cool
Play hard to get, even if it means tea-bagging your junk in an icy drink (not hers) when she leaves to go to the restroom. She wants to date an equal not a fan. Be as nonchalant as you can without being a dick.

Whatever you do don’t show her off. She know’s she’s a prize. Don’t use her to impress your crew and don’t mention what she does in public unless she does. Introducing her as “Mary, from Massive Objects Mary dotcom,” will end your evening fast.

2. Be a gentleman
She works in places where people glance at her drivers license and then ask her to strip off (like the DMV). She will be particularly vulnerable to old-school charm. Flowers, cards and notes go a long way, as long as they’re meant sincerely. She will want to know that you like her despite of, not because of, what she does.

If she tells you her real name she trusts you. Don’t use it in public unless she does. Performers have to guard their identity’s and switch between persona’s for good reason. She knows the waiter recognized her when she walked in, and will show up at her house if he can use her real name to find out where she lives. Kill him now, she’ll thank you later.

Take your romantic inspiration from Lionel Richie’s ‘Three Times a Lady’, not The Analog Brothers ‘Pimp to Eat’.

3. Make her chase you
There’s nothing a woman finds more attractive than a guy they can’t get. Let her make all the moves. She will, and you’ll look cooler than all the guys chasing her.

Whenever I’ve had performers flirting with me I’ve been in situations where responding in kind would be seen as unprofessional. It could be my aftershave that makes them want me, I wear Sex Panther which is illegal in nine countries, but it was probably because I was hard to get.

4. Don’t become a suitcase pimp
Show no interest in getting into the adult industry yourself or managing her career. A lot of guys see performers as a meal ticket and if you give off that vibe she’ll run away. Even offering to help drive her to a photo-shoot, or spend all her money on your car, can set off alarm bells. 

To avoid looking like a suitcase pimp avoid sunglasses unless you’re outside and it’s sunny, wearing untucked, open-necked shirts made of shiny fabric, or being in a band that doesn’t sell enough records to keep you fully occupied.

5. Clean your whip
If you don’t have nice wheels at least keep them clean. There’s a lot of money in porn, you’re going to have to park beside a lot of nice steel. In LA people check out your steed if they can’t be bothered to talk to you but want to work out what kind of person you are. LA’s fucked.

I can’t really explain this, but every woman I’ve ever met in the adult business has liked cars. I used to drive a European classic which attracted women like a free shoes, lose weight, fuck Brad Pitt promotion at the local mall. Respect your ride.

6. Hide your stash
De-porn your apartment. Porn is work for her. If she’s into it she’ll lead the way and provide it for free. Assume she’s not and eliminate the risk of getting it wrong. Once again the less of a fan you appear the better.

She’ll see fantasizing over people she knows as akin to cheating. Pointing out that she’s had sex with the people on the DVD’s she’s bitching about, while I’m totally monogamous won’t win the argument.  Nor will pointing out that claiming to be a Catholic is a bit strong Lena, given how you make your fucking money? Christ you’re a hypocrite.

7. Don’t assume
Forget what she does when you’re talking to her - even if it’s playing on a plasma screen just over her right shoulder. If you treat her like a stereotype you’ll mark yourself out as an asshole and provide evidence that you’re not listening to what she’s saying.

Let her talk and then latch onto the things she says. Don’t worry if you get it wrong to start with, listening is hard (tip - watch Oprah, they do it on there.) Practice on less attractive women and build up to one your really want to be, you know, on.

8. Be smart
This is psychology. People assume she’s stupid because she’s sexual. She hates that, and goes out of her way to appear smart. Therefore if you appear smart, you become the kind of man she thinks she should be with, even if you’re not ideal in other regards. Even if she’s not smart, she’ll be flattered that someone who appears to be is interested in what she’s thinking.

Take a breath. You might be feeling dizzy. That’s okay - I am blowing your mind.

9. Be mainstream
Porn stars often take the ‘No one outside the industry understands this’ view and resolve to date only performers after a string of failed relationships. With these people you’ve got no chance. Luckily the majority of people don’t feel this way and want to date people who are as mainstream as possible.

The most attractive partners for women in the industry are men who are more famous than they are, and guys with good, respectable jobs. Cops, doctors, teachers and other totally average occupations have a bizarre reverse glamour for people inside the jizz-bizz.

Whatever you say, don’t say you’re unemployed. It says suitcase pimp faster than a furry hat and a bass guitar riff.

10. Don’t look
One of my best friends tells his partner “I promised to be faithful, not blind” whenever she catches him looking. She laughs. It won’t work with a performer.

Women who are (brutally) judged on their looks, are very wary of men who might only want to be with them because of how they look. If you stare at every teenage Lycra-clad-Happy-Meal that walks by, you’ll give off a vibe that you’re looking for the next hot thing. She wants to know you’re into her and her alone. Especially when she stops starving herself and living in the gym.

Here’s a tip for creating that effect. Stare at her forehead and try to count the follicles on her hairline. The slowly scanning gaze this creates will look almost identical to falling in love from her perspective.

11. Be boring
If you’ve followed all the advice to this point you’ll be going to bed with her soon. Keep it simple.

Once again, she’s going to want to know you’re in bed with her - not the fantasy she projects at work. Be loving, and keep it tame - lots of kissing. Leave the gasmask and ‘Mini Replica Vibrating Pope’ in the closet for now.

The wild stuff might never happen. Some performers like to keep what they do in their private life and at work as different as possible. Be very careful about spicing it up, she’ll lead the way when she’s ready. If she comes home to find that you’ve got a Darth Vader mask on and have lubricated the faucets you will scare her off.

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Comment by Dani

July 11, 2011 @ 3:31 pm

Yeah, I can’t understand why a guy would want to be in a relationship with a porn star.

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